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SEC/FDA Nexus: Best Practices for Publicly Traded Life Sciences Companies

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Life-sciences companies frequently must determine what (if anything) to disclose about key developments in clinical trials or the Food and Drug Administration’s (“FDA”) review process. Determining what to disclose requires great nuance, especially because disclosure may be required even when a company has only incomplete information. This Briefing will provide best practices for life-sciences companies to reduce litigation risk -- ...

Financial Covenants in Loan Agreements

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

This One-Hour Briefing will provide a brief overview of financial covenants in loan agreements. Please join Scott B. Selinger and Ramya S. Tiller of Debevoise & Plimpton LLP as they discuss: Financial Covenants in Loan Agreements Types of Financial Covenants (Incurrence vs. Maintenance) Financial Covenants in Different Types of Financings (Term Loans, Bonds, Cash Flow Revolver and ABL) Key Definitions GAAP  ...

Wire Act Update: Practical Implications of the DOJ’s Reversal on What Constitutes Illegal Online Gambling

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Never in the history of the U.S. has there been such rapid change in the gambling laws. The recent DOJ decision overturning its 2011 memo on the Wire Act is just the latest in this wave of activity. This follows closely on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down as unconstitutional PASPA (the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) and the various state laws authorizing fantasy sports and online poker and other ...

Human Rights Disclosure Mandates: A Practical Compliance Guide Through the Maze of New Laws Around the World

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Companies face increased legal and reputational risks associated with problems within their supply or value chains.  Governments are increasingly legislating in this space.  This legislation has focused primarily on enhanced disclosure of due diligence undertaken to identify, mitigate and remediate issues related to trafficking or modern slavery, and other human rights issues.  There is also growing pressure from investor and civil-society ...

First Impressions of the First Step Act

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Full scholarships and discounts to attend PLI programs are widely available to attorneys working in nonprofit/legal services organizations; pro bono attorneys; government attorneys; judges and judicial law clerks; law professors and law students; senior attorneys (age 65 and over); law librarians and paralegals who work for nonprofit/legal services organizations; unemployed attorneys; and others with financial hardships. We encourage all ...

Resolution of Common Issues in MDL Proceedings

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Multidistrict litigation continues to grow in significance.  Estimates show that nearly half of all civil cases in the federal courts are consolidated in MDL proceedings.  Recently, however, there have been significant criticisms of MDL litigation and accompanying proposals for reform.  Critics maintain that aggregation in MDL proceedings only provides an incentive for the filing of meritless claims and that courts frequently fail to ...

SEC Reporting and Disclosure Considerations in the Oil and Gas Industry

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

This One-Hour Briefing will help you understand the unique SEC reporting requirements and disclosure considerations applicable to oil and gas companies.  We will identify the key areas of the SEC’s focus and our recommendations. We will also discuss the issues involved in making complex judgments about appropriate disclosures.  Hillary H. Holmes, a partner in the securities regulation and oil and gas practice groups of Gibson, Dunn ...

Advocacy for Women Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma: VA Benefits and Cultural Competency

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Full scholarships and discounts to attend PLI programs are widely available to attorneys working in nonprofit/legal services organizations; pro bono attorneys; government attorneys; judges and judicial law clerks; law professors and law students; senior attorneys (age 65 and over); law librarians and paralegals who work for nonprofit/legal services organizations; unemployed attorneys; and others with financial hardships. We encourage all ...

The Chinese Intellectual Property Framework – Structural Changes

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

In the backdrop of intense trade negotiations between the United States and China which are anchored around intellectual property issues, 2019 may prove to bring more changes to the Chinese Intellectual Property framework than in 2018.    After combining the State Intellectual Property Office and the Trademark Office to form the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration (“CNIPA”) in late 2018, the Chinese government ...

Shareholder Litigation Developments and Trends

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Shareholder lawsuits are not only complicated to litigate, but due to the high financial stakes, these actions can be among the most threatening to a company and its directors and officers.  It has been over twenty years since Congress enacted the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, and since that time, private actions under the federal securities laws have continued to be filed at a steady pace.  Over the last decade, the ...

Finding Time: Delegating and Productivity Strategies for Busy Legal Professionals

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Every minute counts for busy legal professionals managing large portfolios. This fast-paced and practical hour will introduce best practices to help you find more time in your day - starting immediately following the presentation! If you're tried several strategies, but still feel strapped for time, this is the session for you.  Ann Gomez of Clear Concept Inc. will help you: Learn the ART of delegating (Assign, Review, Teach) to better ...

The Weinstein Effect: The Creation of the #Metoo Representation

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Please note that this program does not offer Bias or Diversity & Inclusion credit in any jurisdiction. This One-Hour Briefing will explore the rise and use of the “Weinstein Clause” (also known as the “‘#metoo’ Representation”) in M&A transactions.  As more and more prominent people have been publicly accused of sexual misconduct – and as the companies they work for have suffered economic repercussions ...

Evolving Your Financial Management Process for In-House Counsel

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

The discipline to allocate financial resources, forecast revenues and expenses, and create and maintain budgets to ensure compliance with accounting and cash flow requirements is known as financial management.  Presented in cooperation with ACC, this presentation will include a panel of seasoned legal operations professionals and a leading service provider who will discuss the progression of financial management, including: •        ...

Inspection Demands in the Digital Age: (e)Books and (e)Records

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

From Wal-Mart to Yahoo! to the most recent pronouncements in Palantir Technologies and Papa John's, the Delaware courts have made clear that emails, text messages, and other electronic documents can fall within the scope of “books and records” subject to inspection under Section 220 of Delaware’s General Corporation Law.  Please join Marjorie P. Duffy (a former Court of Chancery clerk) of Jones Day to learn more about books-and-records ...

Learn the Patent Claim Jargon Used by Patent Examiners and Practitioners

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

What phrases and terms are functional, structural, and statements of intended use in patent claims, and how do patent professionals leverage them?  Join Jason M. Perilla of Thomas | Horstemeyer, LLP, a former primary patent examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, as he introduces the lingo of patent claims.  Learn the patent claim jargon to communicate the concepts and styles behind various claim formats, as understood by seasoned ...

Contracting Considerations Under the GDPR

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

With the onset of the GDPR in May 2018, businesses subject to the law must enter into contracts with their business partners in multiple circumstances.  Not only must a contract be in place, but the GDPR also requires that these agreements include certain specified content depending on the nature of the relationship between the parties.  Going beyond the mandated content, the GDPR also opens up the possibility of substantial fines for regulatory ...

AML and Sanctions Compliance: Insights for 2019

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

AML and sanctions compliance enforcement costs remain in the billions as financial institutions in the U.S. continue to be challenged by new regulatory requirements and continuing enforcement action remediation. But, for the first time in a long time, there are  indications that 2019 could be better. The regulators have clarified the difference between guidance and legal requirements and have signaled their support for exploring ...

White Collar Investigations Impacting Corporate Executives – Key Developments

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

2019 has already ushered in several new, major government investigations that have resulted in federal indictments against corporate executives: from the scandal that has embroiled Nissan and its former CEO, to the Panama Papers leak, to the Huawei financial fraud investigation.  In ongoing white collar investigations – such as the Volkswagen emissions investigation, the FIFA bribery scandal, and the NCAA bribery scheme – executives ...

Brave New World of Insider Trading Law: Innocent of Traditional Insider Trading, But Guilty of “New” Insider Trading?

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

The state of insider trading law has been scrambled yet again, after the split verdict in 2018’s "political intelligence" insider trading trial and after the 2nd Circuit’s amended decision in Martoma II.  Practitioners and market participants alike are left wondering how to determine the boundaries between legal and illegal conduct. Register and hear from Allen & Overy LLP partner Eugene Ingoglia, who prosecuted ...

Navigating the Ethics of Litigation Finance

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

The legal and business communities are quickly realizing the economic value that litigation funding affords to parties pursuing and handling high-stakes commercial litigation. Law firms that may not have even considered using litigation finance five years ago are now being driven by their clients to carry some of the risks of litigation alongside them. Litigation finance makes it possible for firms to do so in coordination with a funder that acts ...

Carve-Out Transactions: Practical Tips for Successfully Navigating Key Pitfalls

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

This presentation addresses carve-out transactions.  The transactions, typically defined as the sale or divestiture of business lines or divisions, are among the most complex corporate transactions.  If effectively executed, they can generate significant benefits for both buyers and sellers. However, many unique issues must be navigated that, if not properly addressed, can lead to significant value leakage.  Please join Dechert ...

Dealing with Existing Public Debt: Deal Structures and Compliance Considerations

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

This One-Hour Briefing will provide a brief overview of deal structures and compliance considerations when dealing with existing public debt.    Please join for a discussion addressing: Deal Structuring Issues for High Yield and Investment Grade Bonds Key Bond Covenants Portable Capital Structures / Change of Control Put or Repurchase Offer Repaying Public Debt Redemptions  ...

Expanded Regulation A Exemption

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

On December 19, 2018, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the Commission) amended Regulation A in order to allow companies subject to the reporting requirements of the Exchange Act to make offerings in reliance on the Regulation A exemption.  The rule changes were mandated by the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act of 2017 (the Economic Growth Act).  Please join Michael L. Hermsen and Anna T. Pinedo ...

Being Influential in Your Legal Career: Strategies for Earning a Position of Influence with Clients and Colleagues

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Your legal advice is only valuable if you can persuade your client to accept it. Why is it that two attorneys can present the same idea to the same audience, but only one wins them over? Whether you are an outside or in-house counsel, building a position of influence with your clients or colleagues is not simply a function of your title, years of experience, or charisma. An attorney's influence is built systematically, one step ...

Private Litigation in the Blockchain Era

One-Hour Briefing  One-Hour Briefing

Many people know about government enforcement actions against blockchain businesses by federal and state regulators.  Far fewer have paid attention to the large number of private lawsuits that have been filed.  As blockchain technology gains greater adoption by corporations and individuals, we expect that private litigation will likewise increase.    In this One-Hour Briefing, James A. Cox, Evan P. Singer, and Mark W. Rasmussen ...

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